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Is Toastmasters Right for You?

Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Toastmasters is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace.


The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)

English Toastmasters Lodz, we are part of Toastmasters International where we develop our public and leadership skills in a friendly environment with constructive feedback and new events every week.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)środa, 20-02-2019 18:14
Today, let´s meet Ela and her path Visionary Communication.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)wtorek, 19-02-2019 16:53
**PATHWAYS WEEK - Let´s meet Cezary and his path Visionary Communication
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)poniedziałek, 18-02-2019 17:50
**PATHWAYS WEEK - Let´s meet Hubert and his path Presentation Mastery