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The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)

English Toastmasters Lodz, we are part of Toastmasters International where we develop our public and leadership skills in a friendly environment with constructive feedback and new events every week.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)sobota, 24-08-2019 15:00
About our last meeting EVALUATION Thanks to our TM Adam for leading and organization of it. We had very competitive Table Topics. In terms of speeches, we had icebreaker where passion for the coffee was flourished, also we were able to have a presentation of two projects by our advance speakers where our great member Radek has developed the following website: https://toastmaster.pl/ highly recommended. Thank you also from our guest from TM Club in Amsterdam. See you Next week✌️
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)The Leader Ship (Toastmasters) is in Łódź, Poland.poniedziałek, 19-08-2019 10:47
About our last meeting. Thanks for the organization of the meeting. We had visit from one of our past members and saw his performance during Table Topics. We had a speech with strong message on Determination. And we were able to know the diversity of celebrations during 15.08. See you on next meeting!✌️
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)sobota, 17-08-2019 13:54
The Toastmasters Quiz 20 questions - Fourth Episode!
It is time for our member Bogdan. Let´s Challenge him.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)