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Do you want to become a confident public speaker and strong leader? If so, Toastmasters is the place for you. You’ll find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows you to achieve your goals at your own pace.


The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)

English Toastmasters Lodz, we are part of Toastmasters International where we develop our public and leadership skills in a friendly environment with constructive feedback and new events every week.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)niedziela, 21-07-2019 11:59
The Toastmasters Quiz 20 questions - Third Episode!
It is time for our member Ela. Let´s Challenge her.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)sobota, 20-07-2019 11:59
Our 2nd Episode with Federico. Let´s see what is in his mind about it.

About to describe a form of self-promotion by which you are able to say who you are, what you do and why your listener should care, all in the time it takes for a short elevator ride.
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)
The Leader Ship (Toastmasters)The Leader Ship (Toastmasters) is feeling satisfied in Łódź, Poland.piątek, 19-07-2019 17:40
About last night meeting which was inspired by the book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg 📖
We all have habits, some of them we want to keep, other ones we want to change. We learnt how to identify habits and maybe we want to gain new ones.
Yesterday we had one habit which does not change: having great speakers, funny table topics and great guests. We are waiting you every Thursday at 7pm. Let's make it an habit😎